Travel-Ing.: Russian impressions, Galich

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Every now and then I write Posts with the Title “Travel.-Ing.: “. This title is a Denglisch=Germanenglish pun. “Dipl.-Ing.” is a title which stands for an engineer with an university diploma. So there are a lot of puns like “drink-ing” or “drive-ing” and “travel-ing”. Since I travel a lot for my work and to a lot of differenet places I found “travel.-ing.” quite fitting.

To travel for work is very different to privat travel, first of all you travel to places where a tourist will almost never go. Then you are not there for site seeing but for work and last but not least you work together with the locals for a couple of weeks or even month.

All in all I worked more than a quarter of a year in Russia, but I also work in a lot of different countries. Currently I work mainly in Sweden so maybe there will be a post about that soon.

The following impressions and pictures where taken from a visit to Galich (Га́лич) which is located in the  Kostroma Oblast area. To get to Galich, you can ether drive by car the M8 from Moscow to Kostromar where you cross the River Wolga and then onward on smaller roads in more and more deserted country side or you can take an over night train.TagebuchRussland

This was my third or fourth visit and we decided to go by car which was a good idea. My last visit was only 6 weeks before and then it was still snowing and cold, but this time summer had arrived and it was nice and warm. Just after Kostroma, we where taking a short break (Biological Reasons). There we wittnessed a beautiful display of Nature. Thousands and thousands of white Butterflies suddenly fluttered around us. Some died then and there on the ground, lots of others fluttered off. We  watched the whole natural spectacle  for a while before we got back on the road. The picture on the right shows this experience together with one of the Butterflies in my Diary.

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How to clean the beaches

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97612fb85a559e4d3c592634ec314f5cI stumbled upon this great Project and their Webspace. Our Oceans are full of plastic trash, unfortuantely the people who produce the trash are very rarely the once to clean their own mess.

So here is a creative way to clean the beaches and make the best out of the trash.

Please visit Ocean Sole for more Details on this great  Project to clean the beaches in  Kenya and creating Art and Toys.

How to use Grannys Egg Coddler

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When I was a kid, my parents made this special egg for Sunday Breakfast we called “Eiertöpfli”. This was always our special and I have never seen it anywhere else. Today I prepare our sunday breakfasts and (apart from Grapefruit, selfmade stonebaked bread, self made marmelade from my wife and Coffee from our La Pavoni) I sure make “Eiertöpfli” for my three sons and my wife.







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Facsimile Edition of the Voynich Manuscript Now Available

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Originally posted on Tales from the Bookworm's Lair:

DSC_0663 Who hasn’t wanted to own their own copy of a genuine, mysterious occult tome? I’ve previously posted here and here about the mostly still unknown Voynich Manuscript housed at Yale that’s been puzzling scholars and occultists for a long time. It’s clearly a beautiful physical artifact as much as it is a source of knowledge. Ambush Printing is a publishing house that specializes in hand-made reproductions of historical documents and they have decided to produce copies of the Voynich Manuscript for purchase. They have a complete copy of the Manuscript available for $200, printed on vellum and bound in leather, just like the original, as well as an 18″ by 24″ print of one of the illustrations also on vellum that is normally $25 but appears to be on sale for $10 currently. Check them out here .

1006231Please note: I have no affiliation with Ambush Printing and have not…

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Bilder der Alchemie IV

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Please go visit this great Art Blog:

Originally posted on Art of Arkis:

Der Androgyn oder auch Rebis versinnbildlicht die Vereinigung von Gegensätzen – ein kosmisches Prinzip, das in östlichen wie in westlichen Überlieferungen gerne durch erotische Darstellungen symbolisiert wurde. Vögel, oft blaue Adler, verweisen bei den Alchemisten auf die kontinuierlichen Verflüchtigungen oder Sublimierungen, die im “Werk” stattfinden; hier symbolisiert der aufsteigende Adler, der den Androgyn emporhebt, und die toten Vögel zu seinen Füßen die Verflüchtigung des Festen bzw. die Verfestigung des Flüchtigen. al-4


Rebis by Arkis 2010

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Sangaku – Japanese Sacred Temple Mathematics

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Magick is a great subject to investigate. It leads you to a lot of very interesting topics which demand your attention.

Just before Christmas I was in a discussion in an internet Forum about magick, the occult and other secret things. And I was rambling along the lines that there are fairly little secrets around especially knowledge wise and even less if you really start to investigate things. Fremasonry for example,  you should be able to find every little information that the Brethren have, what you do not find is the experience of a well done Ritual. The other guy just stated quite quickly: “Well Sangaku is” and with this he send me of to an interesting intellectual journey.

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The New Seers and the Struggle for the Abstract

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Centerfold of Silence

Centerfold of Silence

The old seers solved a serious problem of the ancient seers building societies that slowly unraveled the mysteries of the universe.  At the same time, they created monolithic agriculture and social structures that began a road to global human dominion and international conflict. Old tribal allegiances slowly evolved into nationalism and ethnic prejudices. Meanwhile specialization split the seers into two generalized groups.  While these two terms can actually be applied to ancient times, reaching back into pre-written history, they clarify the split what occurred during the process of empire building into two broad camps.  These two groups are creators and sustainers.

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