Travel.-Ing: Travel Equipment

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I really love to travel. Over the years of travelling I accumulated a lot of useful travel gear and I realised that people who do not travel regularly often have really bad gear or have no clue what they really need. So I decided to do some posts about my gear in this blog. I will try to include where you can get it and why I think its usesfull. My needs might be different from other people needs since I travel not only privately but also as part of my job. In addition I happen to put a lot of strain to my gear since I travel more often then not to places where no tourist will ever go. In the following I will review my writing gear. Continue reading ‘Travel.-Ing: Travel Equipment’

25. Takahiro Iwasaki

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Wow great!

Freeform Collecting

Takahiro Iwasaki creates these painstakingly small sculptures out of everyday household objects – from socks and towels to toothbrushes and rolls of duct tape.
















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Shaman Society Art: Flower of Life

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The Memetic Supply Co.

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Magic, Mazes, and Math

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Speculating Canada: Canadian Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy

A Review of Ari Goelman’s The Path of Names (Arthur A. Levine Books, 2013)

By Derek Newman-Stille

Despite wanting to go to math camp and magic camp, Dahlia is convinced by her parents to attend Jewish camp. It comes complete with everything she would expect – sports, crafts, outdoor activities, friends, Hebrew lessons, and mean girls… and a few things she doesn’t expect – dreams from another person’s memory, sudden knowledge she didn’t possess before, kabbalistic magic, possession, conspiracies, and dead girls. Jewish camp ends up combining the best and worst of math and magic camp with real supernatural events and important magical numbers from kabbalistic literature.

In Ari Goelman’s The Path of Names, Dahlia’s diseffected boredom turns into desperate battle she learns that she needs to solve mysteries both magican and murdrous in order to save her fellow campers. She just wants to be normal, like other kids…

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Event-based inner clock … or practical Magick for parenting

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Well, I have recently been asked to write more on the practical magick I do. Basically I do a lot of little things, so do not expect any
accounts on calling Demons or hunting dragons on some Astral plane (clearly enough I do that every now and then as a recreational task, but not for any real purpose).

Since my third son was born late 2012 I am the one responsible for bringing the two bigger boys to bed. I do enjoy reading to them, so we all have fun. But I really do fall asleep when I need to stay with them until they sleep.  Waking up (or not) later makes me feel as if a fright train
is running through my head for the rest of the evening. Anything I wanted to do on an evening like that is cancelled. So I used a little magickal “trick” to improve the situation.

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Fractal:Into the Depths No. 54

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Into the Depths No. 54.

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Webpage found: Incendiary Arts

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As a couple of my posts show, I am working a lot with fragrances.
I just stumbled across a webpage from around the IOT crowd which specialized in
the olfactory direction of the magickal arts.

Incendiary Arts Aromatics is a small business with a Northern European and Western Tradition influence, which creates Extraordinary Aromatics from Exceptional Ingredients.

Whether serving a Magical or Non-Magical function, Incendiary Arts’ aromatics are created with the art and love of a perfumer, with the magical power of Intent, and are intended to be the highest quality hand-crafted aromatics available.

Enjoy the page, here it is:

Incendiary Arts


The Chameleons Vox

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I really like teh 80ies Band “The Chameleons“. Especially I enjoy the fact, that Mark Burgess is telling us something. He keeps rerecording the same songs
Which undergo an evolution, change and tell their story over and over from different angles.

Mark Burgess on Second Skin: The song went through two titles before it finally became ‘Second Skin.’ It started it’s life as ‘Dreams In Celluloid’ and then became ‘Films’ and had different lyrics, dealing with the immortality of cinema stars. It evolved after I read a book about the study of ‘Near Death Experiences’ and subsequently dealt with another form of immortality altogether.


Mark Burgess recorded a lot of songs under different Band Names. I just recently stumbled across these Videos from Chamelons Vox, enjoy:


Webpage found: The Art of Barry William Hale

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I know the art of the Australian based artist Barry William Hale from the outstanding publication
“Legion 49” from Fulgur. Since then I do visit his webpage every now and then and enjoy the occult
art done by him. Especially I like the fact, that you do see the sources of influence (Caribean Voodoo, Taoism, …)
for every artwork but you also see  his own view, his own insight.

And the insights of Barry William Hale are educated insights which draw from a lot of magickal experience,
at least thats how it does look to me. So in short, I like his art and his page.

So here is his Page: