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The Doors of Perception

The Doors of Perception

If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.

William Blake

William Blake is postulating here, that our perception of the existance is narrowed down to a cavern like image of it. This is quite obviousely true, our senses do not reach into all spheres of the existance and even with the help of science we cannot reach it all. He further postulates, that if the doors of perception where opened fully, we would reach a glimpse of it all, of god, of deity, of the grant architect or however we care to call it. Well, I do not need to follow all that way deep into some belief or another to get added Value in my life out of this little statement.

This Blog is going to be a record of my personal cleansing of my “doors of perception” and the subsequent changes in my style of life.

Magic(k) in every Day life

The world of magic, okkult and spirituality is usually perceived as something which is different from our everyday life. We picture Yogis, Sadhus and Taoists who devote their lifes completely to the path of enlightment. Preferably they find some remote Spot to sit on and submerge in Meditation and generally being holy. After years and years of meditation about their inner self, they reach the Nirvana or Tao or how ever we care to call it. While this is probably a valid path, I dare say it is not the only path a human can take.

Wouldn’t the world be a strange place if the only way to enlightment and spirituality is by totally refusing to be in the world?

The Western way to enlightment was always a little different to the eastern way. While the typical Alchemist would also draw back from the everyday life of his fellow humans, he would not focus on his inner self alone, but on the great work which would take place inside himself and inside his laboratory. He would blend his special work into his path of enlightment, merging the above with the below, the inner world with the outer world.
We also find fraternities (clubs, Sororities and whatever) who draw their followers from the “normal” people within our society. The Freemasons as an example are usually working man and they strive for the Gnothi seauton in their normal everyday life.

Within these pages I will report about my way to blend magic into my normal life (and my normal life to blend into magic).

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  1. Now I haven’t had a chance to roam your site but I have a feeling that this will be very Goldilocks from my point of view (IE. Just Right)

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