Remember the spot and wash … with soap

Aleppo Soap

Aleppo Soap

When my Wife was pregnant, I was looking out for a little gift for her. Women in pregnancy often welcome some “Feel good” things to rub on their bodys, bellys or maybe feet, so I was looking in that direction.

She herself bought already some Oils and Ointmanets to improve her overall body feeling. She also started reading up about her future relationship to her baby. Especially she learned something about the importance of her natural fragrance in the first weeks after birth.

An infant can locate its mother’s milk by the use of its nose alone. Babies smile when they recognize their mother’s odor, preferring it to the smell of any other woman – which, in turn, pleases the mother. This evolving and reciprocal situation build on the sense of smell plays a key part in creating an intimate relationship between mother and child. — Mandy Aftel in “Essence & Alchemy A Book of Perfume

So, the last thing you would want, I think, is to block or hinder that relationship by using a lot of chemical/synthetic fragrances.

Well considering the fact that we are living in a world full of synthetic fragrance this is not an easy thing to do. After a little research, I found a gift pakage with a selection of “the best soaps in the world” all of them with natural ingredience and natural essences only. I especially made sure that we are not talking about those tremendously heavy smelling things they sell over at lush. For me those are the olfactory equivalent of a punch in the face and I wouldn’t want those in my bathroom. But no, no such soap was in that package. I found rather the absolute opposite. The package contained oliveoil Soap from Aleppo, oliveoil&Laurel Soap (also Aleppo), another olive Oil soap from Marseille, sol soap from germany (Klar), Bronnley citrus soap, and some glycerine soap with honey. All the named soaps smelled very lightly and where not at all overwhelming in their scent, good.

In the following weeks and month we tried them all as substitudes for the usual shower gel. At first the skin felt a little blunt, but after a few days this feeling vanished and made way for quite positive body feeling after showering. My skin especially liked the sol soap. The skin of my wife reacts very positive on the Aleppo soap. I was more than a little surprised to find out, that a little bar of soap for the price of 3-6 bucks will last for 2-3 weeks while it is not producing any trash. Our house trash was reduced dramatically, so the cost for our showering utensils. I also started washing my hair with aleppo soap and must say that feels better than any Shampoo i used before (and I did have quite long hair before). I mean, Aleppo soap was probably good enough for Kings and Queens in the past, so why not for me. The conclusion is astonishing, we found a new/old option for the dayly shower, which cost much less than the modern equivalent and produces almost no trash. I wash like Queens did in the years before and that is even cheap whereas my Shower Gel before was more a low to midrange type.

And this whole matter had another later positive effekt on me which I will be talking about in some other posting.


~ by Otto on October 24, 2010.

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