The Tree that is fruit and makes fruit

Thirst for Knowledge

The picture Thirst for knowledge by *sf314 on deviantART is one of my favourite Pictures I found at Deviant Art so far. We see at the same time and spot an Apple and the Appletree. This could represent the timeless “Tree of Life” which is the Beginning (the seed, the apple) and the Ending (the Tree) in one. Our way to this tree leads us over the mosaic pavement, which we chose when we ate from the other Tree, the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil”. We are subjected to Duality, which washes over us in the deluge of Time.

In the background I find the writings and pictures of Man as we search for the way to the depicted tree. Also there I see the ever revolving Wheel of Life and Death which is broken by the Tree which is fruit and makes fruit.

Thanks to Sipos Ference for this great picture, I love it.

~ by Otto on October 27, 2010.

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