Dorodango Home

Dorodango Home

The other day I stumbled upon a very interesting game played by japanese Children.

It is called make a “Hikaru dorodango”. The Children (and now also people of all ages and nations across the globe), make shiny sphere out of nothing but mud. I find this fascinating since it most definitely changed my perception of the ordinary mud out there.

As you can see on the picture from Bruce Gardner’s Webpage on this topic, the color of the dorodango changes due to the mud used. Mud is not mud, what a trivial but interesting insight.

Furthermore, it is not all too difficult to make a dorodango it seems, so maybe you want to do this with your kids like I will. Apart fromBruce Gardners explanation how to create such a mudball there is one by Fumio Kayo.
You most definitely need a couple of days of time and some patience to get that right, but kids love the outcome. Don’t be mad if that Dorodango breaks, its made out of mud!
I liked this video on the topic:

Since this thing is in my opinion out of the ordinary and it will change the way you perceive mud and maybe also Childrens games, I tagged this as Magick. Also, obviousely a shining sphere has some magickal qualities by itself. Try it, its Magick not only for Kids.

~ by Otto on January 13, 2011.

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