Cool Publishers: Avalonia Books

Avalonia BooksRecently the publisher Avalonia Books came to my attention. I really like the books by Jan Fries which used to be published by Mandrake Books, so I was taken by surprise when his latest Book suddenly appeared with a publisher that was formerly unknown to me. But since the books by Jan Fries are always very good in a lot of respects, I immediately ordered a hardback copy of “Kali Kaula“, a book on Tantric Magick and the goddess Kali of India.

A very(!) well packed parcel arrived shortly after the order. Ordering books from the UK to Germany can take  awhile, so I am happy if it is quick as with Avalonia. Avalonia Books are also available from, but (words fail me), they are much more expensive there than directly with Avalonia even with shipping. On opening the parcel I was taken by surprise, the book was packed in pink silkpaper, rose leafes where strewn across the whole thing and it came with an understated fragrance of roses and propably sandal wood. Wow, that sure is an A++ for packaging! My wife was a little taken aback by the roseleafes that fell from my parcel, but since no love letter came with it, she settled for a muttering along the lines of “Eso Literature what comes next … bathing salts?!”.

The Book itself is nicely bound in dark fine cloth and comes with a Dusjacked. Avalonia seems to offer Paperback as standart and sometimes(?) cloth bound Hardbacks. Now after a couple of weeks the binding shows a little bubble under the cloth which I do not like, but I guess I am just unlucky and this is not the usual case.

From what I found so far, Avalonia seems to be more on the womenstyle, New agey esoteric side of Life, which has the benefit of roseleafes in the package. The Bookcovers have a little pink and mauve touch to them and there is a lot of witchcraft and pagan literature which are (I must admit) not really my kind of read.

Avalonia is an independent publisher producing outstanding and innovative books which push the boundaries of their subjects and illuminate the spirit of the sacred in its many manifestations. Our books span the arcane and ethereal realms, from the unveiling of obscure or forgotten folklore which permeates the earth with echoes of ancient wisdom, to original and exciting practices which transcend the boundaries of traditions and take magic back to its source challenging the limits of transformation.

There is (in my opinion) a downside to Avalonia which I want to mention. The Prices are VERY high. Considering the fact that the books are available over Amazon and are not limited I personally find 55 Pound (that is somehwere 70€ with shipping) way too high. The Binding is not over the top and the fact that it is a normal edition and not limited I think this is way way too much! If I compare to Fulgur standart Edition which comes in better Binding and it is Limited and costs less.


~ by Otto on February 23, 2011.

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