Cool Publishers: Teitan Press. Inc.

The Teitan PressThe next publisher I want to mention here in my Blog is Teitan Press. Inc. Most who are really interested in the Occult and in Magic(k) stumble upon Mr. Aleister Crowley sooner or later (Alias: The Beast, Frater Perdurabo, To Mega Therion, Laird of Boleskine and whatnot). Some of the most uncommon Books of this Gentleman appeared with Teitan Press. Titles like “The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist of Shiraz” or “Scrutinies of Simon Iff” are not on the usual shopping list of the black dressed graveyard loving teenage Crowley Fans.

So, Teitan has specialized in books by and relating to Aleister Crowley, and to scholarly works on the occult. Since I am more of the scholarly type, this is my thing.

Today (and since 2006/2007) Teitan belongs to the oldest occult bookstore in the US of A, which is “Weiser Antiquarian Books“. This has the clear advantage that shipping is very professional and without any problems. For me it also bears the advantage of beeing a customer at Weisters anyway, so the whole matter is easy as pie.

The Teitan Press. Inc. was incorporated in Illinois in 1985 by Crowley scholar Martin P. Starr, and his business partner, Frank Winston. In the years that followed they produced an impressive selection of books. These included new editions of Crowley’s Konx om Pax, Snowdrops from a Curate’s Garden, The Winged Beetle, The Scented Garden, his translation of Baudelaire’s Little Poems in Prose, as well as first printings of Crowley’s Scrutinies of Simon Iff, and Golden Twigs, and of course Martin’s acclaimed biography of W. T. Smith, The Unknown God .

After two decades of gentlemanly publishing, The Teitan Press, Inc. was dissolved in December 2006. The imprint was then passed to Keith Richmond and Marilyn Rinn at Weiser Antiquarian Books. A year later the first book to be produced under their management came off the presses: Inside Solar Lodge, Outside the Law, by Frater Shiva.

Since then they have produced fifteen more books

The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist of Shiraz by Aleister Crowley

My favourite Book (I own) from Teitan is “The Scented Garden of Abdullah the Satirist of Shiraz“, it comes in a nice heavy duty binding which withstands real work with the book. But here with Teitan, the Content is very important and I just like the Book. Currently I am entertaining the Idea of buying the newest Book by Teitan “The Authentic Red Dragon (Le Véritable Dragon Rouge)” which is a must have for the Shelf of a respectable Occuklt Library I think.



~ by Otto on February 28, 2011.

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