Webpage found: Boltcutterdesign

When I was giving the World of Tarot another visit, hunting for another Tarot Deck I might like, I came across these three really beautiful Decks at Boltcutterdesign:

Teh Dark Deck

Oblivions Dark Deck

The Light Deck

Oblivions Light Deck

Magna Veritas

Oblivions Magna Veritas














I find all three Decks very cool, but unfortunately only the “Magna Veritas” Seems to be still available. I am now trying to get that Deck!

But also, while on this interesting page, I found their new Blog: The Eeagles Nest which is very entertaining!

Oh yes, I am not all too much into Divination as a Lifestyle, but I really like Symbolism in Art. Tarot Cards are really nice Art which looks great if framed nicely. It is very surprising how often you will be asked about “the pictures on your Walls”. So if you have negative presentiments towards Tarot as Part of divinations, take a step back, clear your senses and take them as Art.


~ by Otto on March 1, 2011.

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  1. […] lot of) artists who dabble into those two currents seem to fall into stereotypical icongraphy and (apart from a nice art scene around Tarot Decks) I seldom find affordable original Art in this […]

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