Masonic Art by Gerd Scherm

I enjoy Art and especially original Art as part of my Lifestyle. Over the years I realised that some artwork I own holds a special, magical place in my heart. Those pieces are already with me for a long while or they where given to me by special people, at special events, I found them in a special way or they just “talk” to me. Mass produced posters somehow seldom managed to reach this position in my life.

Gerd Scherm: The Aeropag (Knight Kadosch)

Gerd Scherm: The Aeropag (Knight Kadosch)

Since Freemasonry and Magick are on the List of my research topics, I enjoy pictures with symbolism coming from that current. Unfortuantely most (or at least a lot of) artists who dabble into those two currents seem to fall into stereotypical icongraphy and (apart from a nice art scene around Tarot Decks) I seldom find affordable original Art in this field.

Here now I wanted to show some nice Art from the Artist, Poet and Writer Gerd Scherm who produced in both sectors interesting artwork.

Gerd Scherm: The Magician
Gerd Scherm: The Magician

Two years ago I bought the picture you can see here on the left. “Der Magier” (The Magician). I am proud to own Print number 1 of 10 and it holds a nice place in my living room. As I usually do, I framed it with non reflective professional glass which is used in Art museums. This is probably the most expensive way to frame art, but what is a 100$ (or €) compared to a lifetime of joy about nice Art? There is no real other option if you want to be able to enjoy delicate colors and fine Lines as you can see on the picture in question.

The picture appeals to me because it shows the border (iconographically) between Spirituality, Religion and Magic. Also the magic and art of the written word is shown (for me) in the calligraphy.

I found the Art of Gerd Scherm when I was looking for masonic Art and I was happy to find someone who obviousely walks also the borderline between Magic and Masonry. Gerd Scherm also offers a couple of pictures with the special topic of the AASR Degrees. The above picture is showing some Symbolism taken from the Knight Kadosh Degree (30) and if you follow the Link of the picture you will find more pictures on the AASR Topic which I like a lot. I am planning to buy one of those prints, but I am at a loss which one I should take. Also I would be happy to get another one from the magic Line … we will see. For now I am very pleased by “The Magician”.

Gerd Scherm also wrote a couple of Books (also Fantasy),  The Widows Son, a poetic walk through the blue degrees of masonry is Poetry about the three blue Masonic degrees and it is available in english.

Interesting enough, I always find the borderlines between “things/topics” very interesting, this can be mechanical engineering and computer software or Magic and Art or Science and Religion. The best Essay on the relation between Magic, Art, Science and Religion I know of is by Ramsey Dukes and can be found here: Does our society need magic?





~ by Otto on March 4, 2011.

2 Responses to “Masonic Art by Gerd Scherm”

  1. It’s good to know that you enjoy symbolism in art. Not many people have the same passion as you do. I certainly agree that framing art, although expensive, truly gives one the feelings of contentment and joy like no other knowing that you are able to preserve a piece of history. Thanks for sharing this one. I’ll be checking the works of Gerd Scherm.

    • Actually it surprises me that a picture hung on a wall gives so much pleasure over a long time. I do not own all too much original artwork, but I do have a view cool pieces 🙂
      Thank you for the nice comment.

      BTW. for the bibliophilic people out there … think about getting an Ex Libris for youreself 🙂

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