Free Tibet

I traveled Nepal and Tibet a couple of years ago. The Tibetans are very nice and especially peaceful people. I found their way of living interesting and would love to visit this region of earth again!

Free Tibet

So, I join this cause and want the Tibetans to be a free people!

If you are pursuing, take a look at the Bön Religion, maybe start with this Book which I enjoy quite a bit:
Oracles and Demons of Tibet

~ by Otto on March 10, 2011.

5 Responses to “Free Tibet”

  1. First: Please take a look – “Save”

    Whether it will ever give a free Tibet, I doubt that.
    Tibets factor –
    WATER and lumbers –
    in order to road connections ..
    and that’s required – without investing to much money.

    Currently have increased impoverishment and misery (beggars in their own country) –
    Many Tibetans can not adapt well this time,
    still do.
    They to suffer from the destruction of their spiritual / religious culture.
    To visit a privatschool is not possible – too expensive –
    Public schools are like an Indoktrination.

    I don’t fell very happy – about it/this – but !! It’s too late.
    Only help – is to pray for a better future.

  2. I want to to thank you for this fantastic read!
    ! I certainly enjoyed every little bit of it. I have got you saved as a favorite to check out new
    things you post…

  3. Sure, what a good read Loool

  4. I’ll report some news, when my son and daughter in law coming back from Tibet.
    Tibet is now a tourism-country and tourism has certainly culturally destructive,
    but you can it also see – this as a chance. Maybe.
    All what we can do – is – believe me – the importance of the moral support, of the people – who are very intimidated.
    Hubert von Goisern could watch that. Tibet expert –
    The process of modernization is rolling through the land of Tibet and the Potala Palace is surrounded by loud music.
    – The very old district – below the Potala-Palace was converted into a parade ground.
    Barkhor – circumambulation for pilgrims – get always less and lesser.
    The old buildings getting less – terrible – the old Lhasa will disappear and new soulless buildings are now built –
    but it give (eh) very old picture-postcards.
    All we can do – is pray – for a better future.
    I hope – – that every sentence is intelligible and I could write down exactly – what I indent to say….
    Yes and sometimes – I’m very sad and I hope – they can arrange to manage their situation .
    My English is sometimes poor – sorry.

  5. Tibet will never get be free for a longer time.
    Genuine Tibetans – there are already rare in public office –
    The Potala is already transformed – into a modern business line,
    the new monks – are already indoctrinated of/from the “New Thought-rulers”
    – They have already lost a lot of spirituality…
    My son was horrified … 5 min before, they were in pray … for the tourists –
    then the lead of prayers is over and when the phone ringing – in a twinkling after/ almost immediately – they are make a rasping noise –
    or they are playing with the phone/mobile.
    Why the China people are control this scree?
    – It is the water reservoir – because everybody need the water –
    think about China and India.

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