The Universe, William Blake

The Sky is an immortal Tent built by the Sons of Los

And every Space that Man views around his dwelling-place:

Standing on his own roof, or in his garden on a mount

Of twenty-five cubits in height, such space is his Universe;

And on its verge the Sun rises & sets. the Clouds bow

To meet the flat Earth & the Sea in such ordered Space:

The Starry heavens reach no further but here bend and set

On all sides & the two Poles turn on their valves of gold:

And if he moves his dwelling-place, his heavens also move

Wher’eer he goes & all his neighbourhood bewail his loss:

Such are the Spaces called Earth & such are its dimensions:

As to that false appearance which appears to the reasoner

As of a Globe rolling thro Voidness, it is a delusion of Ulro

The Microscope knows not of this nor the Telescope. they alter

The ratio of the Spectators Organs but leave Objects untouchd

For every space larger than a red Globule of Mans blood.

Is visionary: and is created by the Hammer of Los

And every Space smaller than a Globule of Mans blood. opens

Into Eternity of which this vegetable Earth is but a shadow(29;4-22)

William Blake from the Book David V. Erdmann, Original page 29 Lines 4-22.


~ by Otto on March 23, 2011.

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