Webpage found: Max Hattler: Sync

I found a Video on Youtube from Max Hattler the other day which was very very cool and fits nicely to the topic in this Blog.

“There is an underlying unchanging sync at the centre of everything.
A sync that was decided at the beginning of everything, and that rules everything.
Everything follows from that… all time, all physics, all life, all animation.”

The underlying “sync” at the center of everything is a very interesting concept which can be found in the Tao (The Lo Shu square and the Dance of Yu), in the contraction of God as described by Kabbalist under the Term of TzimTzum of En Soph, or maybe also in the Ensō in Zen. It can also be found in an overtone and therfore in the holy Syllable Aum.

Here the Video:

~ by Otto on March 31, 2011.

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  1. […] this whole matter. It took me a long while to get a feeling for the center Position, the all underlying pulse of Life and this feeling depends on actually doing the movement. Also, the change in my consciousness […]

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