Hag stones as Dreamcatcher

I am quite astonished that here in Europe native American “Dreamcatchers” are so very popular. I would not be surprised if native Americans are quite sad about the way those Objects became popular and available at any funfare cheaply made just to earn money on it.

So here is the alternative I used with my kids to catch theire bad dreams.

Hag Stones, Adder Stones, Drudensteine or Hühnergötter are quite old Charms to protect cattle or family from evil.

These Stones with a natural(!) hole inside are most common at the Baltic coast, at the German Ocean or at British shores. But they can be found at almost any Coast around the World or with great luck also anywhere else (see “Linsensteine”). Since they are more common in the European North, they are mainly mentioned in the magickal tradition from this area.

So to make a “Dreamcatching” Charm, we dedicated quite a bit of time strolling the Baltic shore, throwing stones, searching for Hag Stones, amber and generally having a lot of fun together with the kids. Later we made a big treasure and everybody selected his or her favourite Stone. Back at home the Stones where strung to a leatherband and with the appropriate explanation hung to the bed of each Kid:

“If you do have a bad dream, there is youre stone, remember the day when we found it, remember throwing Stones in the Ocean and watch youre bad dream go through the hole into the Ocean and go back to a pleasant dream.”

This works quite Well and I must admit, I like those stones and you can also find a couple of them in my Garden to protect my House from evil influences.



~ by Otto on August 25, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hag stones as Dreamcatcher”

  1. You must not be wondering – the dreamcatchers are very old…but also the stones
    – mabye we have these art of culture – from our knowing, about it, long before, younger then the sun.
    I have two stones, very very old, from my dad – MoquiMarbles…they protect you from all badness malignities.
    Was nice, to talk with you about attractives themes.

  2. stonemagick.com look at us for beautiful, powerful Hag/Holey stones.

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