Webpage found: Olfactory Rescue Service

At the moment I am again investigating the magical and lifestyle uses of fragrance. The topic is somewhat underdeveloped in the magickal community where you find at best some incense burning. In the well known Liber MMM (or also Psychonaut) for the IOT Novice you will find visualisations, object, color and noise concentrations but nothing on your olfactory senses. After learning to smell again I found the whole topic rather interesting and so I was delighted to find the following Blog:

The Olfactory Rescue Service

The ORS exists to review and discuss the world of retail incense in order to help bridge the gap between East and West in terms of understanding incense and helping the reader find higher quality scents, sources for these scents and to connect with others passionate about fine scent.

Since I am based in Germany I need to find different suppliers, but still this is a very nice resource!


~ by Otto on November 6, 2012.

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