Money, Art and Time

Money in itself is “from the future”. Money, as we know it today, started about 1800.

Before that money reflected only actual Value, which was physically available.
During that time (and also rarely before) humans started to print a Value on a piece
of paper and to make that valid certified it with a name.
King so and so owes you 100 pieces of his gold (which he will digg up during next year)
Suddenly that piece of paper reflected a value from the future. It was at first actually there, still to be
dug up, but physically in your hands it existed only in the future. Later we base money on workforce and
even more esoteric values from the future.

The times before where based on the total, earthly stability of the past. As time and civilization moved on,
societey based itself more and more first on the watery present and today even the airy
future. The more distant the future we base our values on, the more instable and insecure
is the basement. We experience this on a daily basis when shares suddenly drop in value and somebody
looses all his money or when whole comercial zones suddenly become instable like the European union.

Art is somehow a part of the opposite. The Artist encapsulates a very moment, a piece of NOW, including
things like his personal feelings and basically his whole past. This very moment or length of time is now frozen
in time and transported into the now and the future to be reviewed not only by the artist but by others as well.
In different Artforms we find different moments frozen. A photographer as an example does not only capture
a part of himself as the observer, but also a moment in the world around him. Funny thought actually that
he captures a very moment he is not really participating in, he is busy taking a photo.

Now, and Adorno did not like that very thought, Art is assigned a Value in our society. We see today, that the Art
marked and the investment in art has proven very stable over time. This is true as long as we value art. But art is
valued not only for future monetary magnitude, but also for the pleasure we get from “using” and owning it.
The basement in the past stabilizes it and gives it added value to us.

In my opinion, a good reaction to these facts is to stabilize your own life based on this. There is a so called art of living,
the cultivation of a pleasant and sustainable lifestyle. As we add actual value to our live by the appreciation of
friendship, art, nature, really good food, sports, work … all aspects of life, we ground us more in the past and will be able
to withstand the fleeting changes of the future. More wisdom, strength and beauty in all we do makes a difference.

And the best part is, its fun too.




~ by Otto on November 19, 2012.

2 Responses to “Money, Art and Time”

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  2. It’s hard to find knowledgeable people in this particular topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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