The fragrance of Christmas


If you ask your parents or grandparents about christmas, chances are high that they will remember “the fragrance” of Christmas best. If we are honest, we are trying to bring back the times, when not plastic toys and shopping was the main theme of Christmas. We want to have the so called “quality time” with our Kids and Family. We want our Kids not to remember a huge pile of presents, sweets and whatnot, but to remember the positive Feeling of this very special season of the year. In all times and in the old Religions the time around Christmas (Rauhnächte) have a special meaning as well and what will better open the gates to the other world but fragrance?

So this year me and my family deliberately thought about fragrances that would be fitting for this special time of the year.

Here some Ideas what can be done:

1. Buy a pine cone in November and put it on a sill. It will start to open after a couple of days and it will
produce a scent of pine trees and forrest. In addition you will have pine nuts to eat.

2. Oranges and Clove together will add a lot of fragrance to a room. Just stick clove into the Orange, how much is up to you, but if you stick in a lot, the Orange will dry out and make nice table decoration if cut.

3. Make a lot of cookies and other bakery things. We are currently using our Stoneoven and the mixture of fire and baking is very nice, especially if
it is really cold outside and you come back from a snowball fight. As a special every year we bake “Stollen” which in itself adds a lot of fragrance and taste to the season.

4. If you make an Advent calendar for your Kids, maybe put in other things than chocolate and sweets. We have incense cones inside every other day. These emit a lot of fragrance to the room even without beeing burned. Obviousely we do burn every now and then one, but this often results ina very strong scent which is not always nice.

5. Also obviousely, burn candles. I strongly advice to keep away from perfume candles. The strong chemical scent used in those will kill the more subtile scents above.
In my view this will always smell artificial and much to strong. Use beeswax candles the smell very discreet and very natural.

6. We put some natural resins or oils on the Oven (in a bowl). The resins will become very soft from the heat and the emit also a scent of woods and trees.

We try to make the scents very subtile and low key. Often enough a scent is barely noticable in the room, but that does not mean your subconsciousness does not notice it. This will all be part of the season for you and your kids, it will create the Perfume of Christmas and it will add to the lost magick of the season of the year. This very natural Perfume can be mixed like a real perfume. Work with the scents, create your Notes just like you would create Headnotes. Heart- and Basenotes when you create a Perfume. See if it feels right when you come home, how do you feel? Sometimes all you need to do is to open and eat an Orange to get a fresh Note into the room and your head.


~ by Otto on December 12, 2012.

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