The Chameleons Vox

I really like teh 80ies Band “The Chameleons“. Especially I enjoy the fact, that Mark Burgess is telling us something. He keeps rerecording the same songs
Which undergo an evolution, change and tell their story over and over from different angles.

Mark Burgess on Second Skin: The song went through two titles before it finally became ‘Second Skin.’ It started it’s life as ‘Dreams In Celluloid’ and then became ‘Films’ and had different lyrics, dealing with the immortality of cinema stars. It evolved after I read a book about the study of ‘Near Death Experiences’ and subsequently dealt with another form of immortality altogether.


Mark Burgess recorded a lot of songs under different Band Names. I just recently stumbled across these Videos from Chamelons Vox, enjoy:


~ by Otto on April 15, 2013.

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