Event-based inner clock … or practical Magick for parenting

Well, I have recently been asked to write more on the practical magick I do. Basically I do a lot of little things, so do not expect any
accounts on calling Demons or hunting dragons on some Astral plane (clearly enough I do that every now and then as a recreational task, but not for any real purpose).

Since my third son was born late 2012 I am the one responsible for bringing the two bigger boys to bed. I do enjoy reading to them, so we all have fun. But I really do fall asleep when I need to stay with them until they sleep.  Waking up (or not) later makes me feel as if a fright train
is running through my head for the rest of the evening. Anything I wanted to do on an evening like that is cancelled. So I used a little magickal “trick” to improve the situation.

Ok the following is based upon a short part of Frater VDs Book on High Magick which tells us about a new field of magick called “kybermagie”. This new field is based on Information as paradigma rather than eg. Energy. The Idea is that you only need to transfer information (and therfore almost no or no energy) to accomplish change in conformity with your will. I find this approach rather modern since science is running down a similar isle (start your quest here). To stick with Crowley, “the second requisite of causing any change is the practical ability to set in right motion the necessary forces”. Well the information will be the leaver, but the force will be applied by the target itself. In this case I am the target (or maybe some “deep Mind” of me).

Based on the “Command line” technique described by “Line of Sight” i developed a similar method. I visualize my own little “prompt”, since I earn my money by programming, this is not hard for me to do. Maybe people who do not use computers so much should use different methods, suitable would be sigils or mantras.  In my visualized prompt I write a short code regarding the conditions under which I want to wake up:

if ((boSonAsleeping == TRUE) && (boSonBsleeping == TRUE))
bi2MyselfState = wakeup;
bi2MyslefState = undef;

The whole Idea now is, that I may fall asleep but wake up as soon as both my sons are sleeping. Most people have quite an accurate inner clock which
will wake them at specific times (usually 10-5 Minutes before the Alarm clock wakes you). If I really want to wake up in 30 minutes I will do, but more often then not
one of my sons is not yet asleep and I need to stay a little longer. So now I have created an event based inner Alarm. My “Deep Mind” (to use Jan Fries words)
probably now registers when the breath (or whatever) of my sons shows that they are sleeping. It really is like magick (oh wonder), but the minute both are asleep
I sit up. Even my wife already comment on this “you where snoring and fast alseep, how can you sit up so suddenly, how did you know they sleep”.

Note the state I want to be in before the boys sleep, “UNDEF” which gives me the freedom to ponder on thought rather than sleep. I can also put myslef to sleep this way. I also have increased the defined states I or my sons might be in and played around with this method doing other interesting things too. This little (c Based) program is now a “batch” I can start that by visualising just one word, I give my deep mind the Information what I want.

So maybe this is not real magick, maybe it is, but one thing is clear, it works and helps a lot.



~ by Otto on April 23, 2013.

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