Correspondences, an international online journal to the academic study of Western esotericism

As someone interested in magick and the occult, I am quite used to the fact that this is a topic which lies outside the mainstream in general. This also means that you do not finde much about your specific topic in terms of magazines, papers or even books in a normal book store. Much less is there anything to ensure the quality of any articles or whatever you do find. Not many Universitys offer the topics around western esotericism and information based on scientific research is hard to get. I grab a book from Oxford University Press every now and then and I find high quality Information in the masonic research Lodge (Quatuor Coronati). It seems that all or most magick Orders or Fraternitys offer magazines or “Flying Rolls”, but these usually follow little or no scientific methods and present mostly a onesided view on the topic.

Due to these circumstances I am quite happy that I found “Correspondences” which is an online magazine with quite promising aims. I personally find Issue 1.1 quite interesting and I hope for more

Correspondences is an international, peer-reviewed online journal dedicated to the academic study of “Western Esotericism”. The editors acknowledge that the use of this umbrella term for a widely variant field of alternate scientific and religious ideas is problematic. Correspondencestherefore maintains an openness toward varying interpretations of the boundaries of the field of Western Esotericism. For example, articles related to esoteric currents from other global cultural centers may be accepted if a connection to alternative currents in “western culture” is implicitly established. The following list of areas of study is provided for clarification:

Alchemy, Anthroposophy, Astrology, Eco-spirituality, Esotericism in art, literature, and music, Freemasonry, Geomancy, Gnosticism, Hermeticism, Illuminism, Initiatory secret societies, Kabbalah, Magic, Mesmerism, Mysticism, Naturphilosophie, Neo-paganism, New Age, Occultism, Occulture, Paracelsianism, Rosicrucianism, Satanism, Spiritualism, Theosophy, Traditionalism, Ufology, Witchcraft.

I hope you enjoy the link.



~ by Otto on July 29, 2013.

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