How to use Grannys Egg Coddler


When I was a kid, my parents made this special egg for Sunday Breakfast we called “Eiertöpfli”. This was always our special and I have never seen it anywhere else. Today I prepare our sunday breakfasts and (apart from Grapefruit, selfmade stonebaked bread, self made marmelade from my wife and Coffee from our La Pavoni) I sure make “Eiertöpfli” for my three sons and my wife.







So here it is, optimized to my taste over around 30 years.
You need:

  •  1-2 Eggs per Egg Coddler
  • diced ham
  • grated cheese
  • good(!) Pepper
  • nutmeg (Muskat)
  • Butter

1. Butter the Eggcoddlers inside (do not forget the lid). I use my finger to spread the Butter.
I know it is fashionable to eat low fat, but I do not care. Butter is good for taste.

2. Add some diced ham. I turn the coddler in the air a little to make the ham stick to the walls and spread it a little.

3. Add grated cheese. If you like you can add a little Pepper and nutmeg now.
This should look like this:


4. Now the first Egg. I use the edge of the coddler, but do as you like. The yolk should be unharmed in the end.

5. Add Pepper and nutmeg to your liking. Do not over do it, less is more. For the pepper I personally like a mixture of long Pepper and green Pepper (I got from the marked in Istanbul) and a little bit of red pepper.


6. Now a layer of diced ham and grated cheese. If you want to have one egg only this is it and you just need to add a little Butter on top, close the lid and ready to boil.


7. do steps 4-6 again to add a second egg.

8. Put the coddler 3/4 into already boiling water. It will take 10 Minutes for the One Egg Version and 13 Minutes for 2 Eggs.

Iteresting Variations involve cream cheese and/or herb butter. The Result looks like this and tastes nice:




Let me know If you like it.



~ by Otto on June 5, 2014.

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  1. Delicious recipe!

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