Webpage Found: Alchemy Moon

AlchemyMoonRecently (for the last year or so), I started doing a little magic for my Kids. Rewarding as this is by itself, I also stumbled across a nice community of so called “Bizarre Magicians” who mix magic (as in slight of Hand, trick and presentation) and magick as described by people like Crowley or Austin Osman Spare.

The Bizarre Community collects and builds really astonishing props for their magic shows and there is always a blend between showmanship and “the real thing”. On this Borderline the Alchemy Moon community is based. At this webpage you can buy handmade props for a good bizarre magic show OR you can buy Kadar Cards and do the real thing with these TAROT like cards. Obviousely a lot of things are needed by stage magicians and magicians alike, like a really cool leather bound book or a creepy wooden box to store your tarot cards in.

Also find the Blog here: http://alchemymoon.wordpress.com/

All of this and a lot more can be found here and I am quite excited to know about this little community.




~ by Otto on November 12, 2014.

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