Color: Fascination Pigment

A Visit in the capital of Korea, Seoul brought forth a new fascination for me. This happened by accident when I visited some Artist stores to buy some paints, paper or brushes. I stumbled upon a huge selection of powdery colors or Pigments. In Asia, so it seems, artists prefer to buy the raw pigment and make their own color. This gives you the freedom to make the paint as you wish. Watercolors, Gouache, Acrylics, Oil, Tempera, you name it, you can make them all. On top of that you have full control on your paints quality.

Since we are talking pure pigment, the powders are incredibly vibrant. It is quite extreme to look at these totally pure colors. So I ended up buying a beginners set and some gum arabic to make watercolors.

Japanese Pigments

This is the beginning of a quite magical journey into human history, magic colors, secret pigments, trading and materials higher in price than gold.


~ by Otto on December 15, 2022.

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