Cool Publishers: Starfire Publishing

Starfire PublishingSure enough I need to mention Starfire Publishing. I own a couple of Books from Starfire, mainly the Kenneth Grant Books. Unfortunately I do not own any of the limited high end Volumes, but then again, I tend to use my books and thus do not entirely need Deluxe Versions.

The hardbound Version is in all cases well done and comes with a nice Dustjacked. It is a very good working edition and satisfice my personal requirements for usefulnes and beauty. Usually I avoid Paperbacks, I must admit that I am somewhat on the bibliophilic side of the Readers out there.

Recently Starfire started a new “Service” on theire Website which I quite like…

“Magick”, “Masonry” and such like (in my opinion) are only very limited explainable in words. Thus reading books about it will give the reader a lot of information around the subject, but will never reach to the core of it. There are a lot of books around which actually explain nothing and where written by the uninitiated who (for whatever reason) want to share a little glimpse of the big picture they attained. The task of rooting through big heaps of “Bullshit” is in the field of occultism and magick quite hard. Actually one needs to “just know” if a Book contains something real (if the Author knew what he was writing).
For me, as a ready example, the books on the Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie where a big load of “blah” until(!) I reread them after my Initiation. Suddenly I knew (felt?) what was actually ment, what the core information was, it was there in plain view previousely unseen by me. Quite a revelation actually.

Similar revelations can be optained by Art. Art in its variouse Forms transports more/different aspects of a “thing” than mere words do. The Artist preserves the entanglement of his inner microcosm and the macrocosm at the present moment and transports it frozen in time into the future for us to look at. We therefore get a rare chance to view a moment in the past with the full set of feelings, prejudices and views from the artist at that moment. Applied to magick and occultism and from an Artist who “knows”, we get a slice of his initiated look on the given subject. This is the reason why I quite enjoy Art by people who incorporate magick in theire art. Obviousely Austin Osman Spare is a fairly known example.

In recent times I found more and more publishers who pay tribute to this by also offering Art which evolves around the main topics of the publisher. The most advanced example is probably Fulgur who have the focuse on Art and feature occult Books with an emphasis on Art. Very recently Starfire Publishing opened a section “Artwork for sale” on theire homepage. For a reasonable price you can order prints and originals directly from the Artist Kyle Fite. I sure like that and I am just waiting on the artwork from him which calls out to me to buy it.

So Starfire offers high quality books by well known Writers and Initiated magicians. Ordering is easy as pie and works fine at least with me it always did. I am looking foreward to buying Art over Starfire and I am very happy that this new section was opened!


~ by Otto on July 6, 2011.

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  1. Very interesting. I love learning about new Publishers.

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