Cool Publishers: Fulgur Limited

Since I am a very bibliophilic Person, I happen to spend a bit of my time finding books, printers, publishers and suppliers. Funny enough, it seems that the really cool books are not easy to find. Amazon offers a lot, but some publishers chose to sell their books only in limited Editions directly to the interested customer. This is not only true for magick and occult books, but also for philosophie and a lot of other interesting topics.

So I have decided to mention some of my findings here. If I review a publisher here, I own at least one of their books and tried the shipping from publisher to Germany. I will put a Link to every publisher I review here.

I will start with Fulgur Limited.

Fulgur was conceived to provide a nexus between the creative current that informs the work of Austin Osman Spare and modern collectors and students of the occult.

Fulgur Limited seems to be focused on the intersection of Art and Occult. On this intersection point nothing but high end bibliophilic books would possibly fit and this is exacly what Fulgur has to offer. Each book (or at least most of the books) comes in a limited standart and in a very limited Deluxe edition. I had unfortunately not the chance to check out any of the deluxe edition Books, but from what I could see on the Webpage and Fulgurs Facebook page they must be really great.

But the standart edition is compared to other publishers already a deluxe Book and for my personal needs it does very well. I must admit that I am also a collector, but the main aim for me is to accumulate books that have a meaningful content so that I am able to read up on the subjects I am interested in without having to visit some library. The Book I received from Fulgur (Legion 49) is in its standart Edition already really cool. It comes with a gilt-stamped cloth binding and a fine dust jacket. At first I was a bit sad that there is no picking belt, but I was very well comforted when I found the cool substitution. An enormouse Fly Wing serves as a really stylish book mark, and what could be more fitting in a book about the Lord of the flies? The Book is in a lot of respects really nice, a good read and also filled with interesting Artwork. Ordering and shipping was easy, fast and the book arrived in very good condition in short time.

So, Fulgur Limited is now on my List of publishers for really cool Books and I am visiting the Fulgur Limited Webpage on a regular basis. I hope I get the chance to buy a deluxe Book soon.


~ by Otto on February 21, 2011.

6 Responses to “Cool Publishers: Fulgur Limited”

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