Cool Publishers: Scarlet Imprint


It has been a while since I posted on “cool” publishers. But I most definitely need to post about this one.
Scarlet Imprint.

From my reviewed Publishers this one has, in my opinion, the most outstanding Books. Where
Fulgur delivers high quality occult Books with a high focus on visual Art, Scarlet Imprints focus
is more on the Poetry and Essay side. You will also find very well written and researched Books
about occult practise. I especially love the books about the African diaspora religions (“Palo Mayombe – The Garden of Blood and Bones”, “At the Crossroads”, …).

The most outstanding contents of scarlet imprint Books, in my opinion, are the occult essays.
They are always written by people who really know about the topic of the eassay and (this is the clue) they talk about topics which are usually not adressed openly at all. Examples are the book by John Michael Greer on Peak oil “The Blood of the Earth: An Essay on Magic and Peak Oil” or the Book “XVI” with very explosive essays (“Ramsey Dukes – XXXII, Not One Tower But Two The forbidden pleasures of 9/11 and the fight for freedom.” or “Dr George J Sieg – Occult War for the Aeon
Aeonic warfare from IOT, OTO, ONA to Evola and the church, as civilisations clash.”).

Here some comments on “XVI” taken from this (really cool) Podcast:

“XVI proposes gnostic strategies for liberation.
Some will consider this a dangerous and inflammatory book.
It is.

“These provocative essays from the most radical contemporary occult thinkers reveal a creative and passionate engagement with the world.

“Attacks on our freedoms can lead to freedom, the sudden enlightenment, the lightning path and the initiatory crisis that the tower also represents.

“XVI seeks to raise magickal awareness of the unique times we find ourselves in, whilst being open to the resourcefulness and indomitable nature of the human spirit to find solutions and responses to it. This is magick attuned to the zeitgeist.”

The Scarlet Imprint Books come in three different Classes:

  1. Talismanic (Very High End)
  2. High End
  3. Bibliotheque rouge

I unfortunately cannot afford the Talismanic Edition, but those sure are really really cool. Well, but my personal library is for use and not for looks or Value.
And Quality 2 is … compared to all other Publishers … the High End already, so I am very happy with that! We find very fine binding with high quality paper and tastefull choices of arts and colors for Binding, Spine, Endpapers … really really cool Books!

What I also enjoy is this statement about the Bibliotheque rouge Paperback Editions:

Books should stay in print for students of the esoteric arts, and not be manipulated by artificial scarcity.

I … I really thing … um:

Since I am already very enthusiastic, I may also add that the international ordering and shipping process was easy and without any

So Check it out! Scarlet Imprint

Here the link to the full Podcast Interview with Peter Grey and Alkistis Dimech of Scarlet Imprint


~ by Otto on February 8, 2013.

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