Webpage Found: Rik Garrett

Today I received the Fulgur Newsletter. They have a really cool new Book called “Earth Magic

which features a set of Photographs by the Chicago based Photographer Rick Garrett. As usual I take this as an invitation to
search for the Artists Webpage and here it is:

Rik Garrett 

I like his Art and therefore hereby recommend Book and Artist. Especially the Handmade Books are really cool!



~ by Otto on February 6, 2014.

2 Responses to “Webpage Found: Rik Garrett”

  1. Thank you for responding and I relaly appreciate you answering my questions. What I meant by quantify itself is I was wondering if there was a way to make spirits visable on the physical plane. I think I remember reading somewhere that there was a ritual that allowed you to spirits. However I am unable to find this sorce of information and though it a better idea to ask an expert then trust my memory. And also (another question if you have the time) Is it possible to recreate a servitor that has been summoned and banished . Again thank you for answering my previous questions. -Tyler

    • The only half way serious report on an evocation into visibility is from/about Austin Osman Spare. So If I wanted to do such a feat, I would start with his writings.

      The Question about the “Servitor” is a bit tricky since a lot happens in your mind. If you have banished an entity it is and should be gone. How will you ever be sure that a banished beeing is really gone if you know you can call them back. That said, I would rather create a “brother” with very similar traits and never call back a once banished entity.

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