Whats the “holy” in the Aum?

AumIt is very interesting how many people do know the holy Syllable “Om” … (which in my humble opinion is already wrong it MUST be “Aum” for good reasons) … but commonly it goes under “Om”. Also the Sanskrit (Devanāgari) sign is widely known among western people of variouse subcultures and has made it to a popular bumper sticker.

I seem to be a strange person because I belong to the very small group of people who actually ask the Question “Whats so holy about a (this) Syllable”. You should try it, go ask somebody with the “Aum” Syllable patchworked on theire batik dyed Handbag “Hey tell me about the Aum, why is it holy, what makes it holy”. If you are very lucky you will get  the wikipedia explanation and some ramblings on some strange “New Age Hinduism” mixed with Buddhism and whatnot.

But what does an Explanation like this “The syllable consists of three phonemes, a Vaishvanara,[1] u Hiranyagarbha and m Iswara, which symbolize the beginning, duration, and dissolution of the universe and the associated gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, respectively.” really tell you? “Symbols” are hard to grasp for most people and here the Symbol consists of sounds … so WTF??

So here my five cents on the topic … if you know better, please tell me below follow my own thoughts on this:

By chance I learned (as a kid) to intone “Overtones” (harmonics). Today I know that a viable technique to do so is to intone two Vowls right after each other and letting the sounds slowly flow into each other. Depending on the Vowls you get different Overtones, but given some practise you reach a crystal clear overtone. What you can do with overtones is best illustrated by this Youtube Video:

The holy Syllable “Aum” is often connected to the words “chanting” and “mantra”. Which means it will/can be sung/entoned over and over to reach some desired state of mind by doing so. The word “chant” comes from the french “chanter” which means “singing” or “to sing” and obviousely we find a connection to the word “enchantment” which leads us directly to “Magick”. How very direct “chanting” and “singing” connects to magick is obviouse in the latin word “cantare” which is most likely the root of the word “chant”. “Cantare” means “conjure” or even “evoce” … well … ok.

As we know from the wikipedia Quote above, the Syllable “Aum” is also a Symbol for “the beginning, duration, and dissolution” which in short is the creation, all that is, the one, … which in my opinion is also a reference to the infinite. So far, I clearly see the possibility to take the “AUM” as a guidance to intone Overtones based on the vowl “A”, constructed and held over the vowl “U” and dissolved in closing the moth by intoning the “M”. The finite vowles take us to the infinite Overtones (the Overtonescale has by definition no Ending and is infinite). As the italian Overtone singer Roberto Lanieri puts it (translated by me): ” With the Overtones as vehicle you reach different Dimensions” or the german Joachim Ernst Berendt “Every path into the range of the Overtones is also a path to the infinite”. Singing Overtones has a long tradition in the east and the west and was especially done out of three reasons: The glorification of a higher principle (lets say God), Healing and Enchantment (Magick).

Overtone chanting helps to step over the boundary between Consciouseness and Unconsciousenss brings about “Trance”, Ekstasy, Visions …

So as a conclusion I find it quite likely that the “holy” Syllable is refering to Overtones and all that comes with it. A founding frequency that brings about the infinit range of beeing … the Tao and the Movers that lead to the 10000 things, the movement that can be found in the Lo-Shu square and is referred to in western magical square…

Oh and to make things interesting ….

Harmonics in Construction and Masonry

Harmonics in Construction and Masonry

Harmonics play an interesting role in Holy Architecture and can be found in the whole System of Freemasonry. Maybe I carry on my ramblings on this subject in some more Blogposts.

If you are further interested in Overtones:

Since I am interested in this topic I would be glad to get a comment or two on my thoughts 🙂




~ by Otto on July 12, 2011.

7 Responses to “Whats the “holy” in the Aum?”

  1. dear and divine …… a fine wisdom post…..

    love all.

  2. Thank you!

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  4. hi!!!

  5. I had a spell caster cast a spell for me, to make soomene love fall in love with me again. and i realized i don’t want that person to love me because they are under a spell. I want them to love me naturally, not because they are forced to. I havn’t seen the person yet, or talked to them yet sense the spell was casted. I was wondering is there anyway that I myself could remove the spell from the person. How do I break the spell?? please help.

    • In my Opinion is Magick a lot about Will and Attention. A Lovespell is probably affecting you more than the named Target and your attention to this happening is a strong force. So I would advise you to forget all about it and just be naturally with the someone.

      Apart from that I really do not like the whole Idea of using magick in such situations at all. My rule is: “If I would really think I need magick for something, I better not use magick”. It is generally much better to set your life and lifestyle to the end of your dreams. Use magick rather to alter youreself and your life and than accomplish your dreams naturally.

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