I like to work with and investigate local Spirits.
Here in Germany we have a nice variety of Spirits which are known to every child, but sadly not to the average grown
magick users. This is quite odd since it is highly likely that you have more connection to some Spirit you know of since you are
5 years old and which is said to reside only a few kilometers from your home than to some greek Hecate or Indian Kali.

Interesting enough, the local Gods, Spirits or Magick seems to be less interesting than any other. A cheaply made native American
Dreamcatcher is hanging from every third rear view mirror, the AUM Symbol  on the bumper screams a happy “I am almost as holy as
the Dalai Lama” at every one and shamanic drumming can be learned to the odor of Nag Champa in your local Ashram
(with sitar music and Yogi Tea in the break).

I really also do like to investigate other traditions, but I still do not really get why on earth nobody seems to work with the local magick.


 RIESEN (Giants):
Die wilden Männer sind s’ genannt,
Am Harzgebirge wohlbekannt;
Natürlich nackt in aller Kraft,
Sie kommen sämtlich riesenhaft.
Den Fichtenstamm in rechter Hand
Und um den Leib ein wulstig Band,
Den derbsten Schurz von Zweig und Blatt,

Leibwacht, wie der Papst nicht hat.

So lately I investigated Rübezahl, a giant from the nearby “Riesengebirge” (Giant Mountains). I guess every kid in Germany
knows Rübezahl since there are a lot of (children) Storys about him. And this is also where I started, I read all the Storys to my own Kids.
rueb1There is quite a lot to be found in those storys, how do you call him (NOT Rübezahl, even wikipedia knows “Rübezahl is a name of ridicule, the use of which provokes his anger”) , how to talk to him, what does he like, what he really dislikes, his powers, … so there is all you really need to do some magick.

So hereby I dare you to look and find your local spirits, maybe even before you
learn all about the egyptian Seth, Hecate, Kali or some freak Demon from Tibet.
Maybe the local environment, weather and climat does have an effect on magick and
maybe the desert dweller Seth is not so happy to be called upon in Iceland.


~ by Otto on August 27, 2013.

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